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Arai RX-7V Race Helmet – HRC Limited Edition

Honda Race Corp and Arai have finally collaborated to bring you the official HRC RX-7V Race Helmet

Australian Standard 1698

The Summit of Arai’s experience and knowledge, the All New RX-7V is a top of the line Road Race helmet with the protection and comfort Arai is known for.

Every part of the RX-7V has been improved and updated over the Corsair-V as part of Arai’s constant evolution of performance and safety.


R75 Shell Shape – The Long Oval R75 provides a smooth and rounded Shell that is designed to efficiently disperse potential impact energy. All vents are designed to pull away from the shell instead of catching on obstacles.

New PB-SNC Shell – The Shell construction material utilises an all new bonding resin, for greater strength and lighter weight. Arai’s own Super Fiber is specially layered in house by Arai Shell experts with High Tensile Strength Synthetic fibers, and further reinforced through the forehead.

New Track Ready Air Diffuser – All new on the RX-7V is the Diffuser Type 12, which is longer and straighter than earlier models. This improves track and race aerodynamics, and combined with the Air Wing for stability increases the efficiency a further 19%. Included in the redesigned diffuser are new head vents for better venting control, a better seal when closed and decreased wind noise.

New Shield with VAS (Variable Axis System) – All New design shield opens and closes smoothly, even with a lower mounting position. All RX-7V visors are designed to work with MAX-Vision Pinlock inserts.

Emergency Release cheek pads allow easy access by emergency personal

Eco-Pure Lining – All new fully removable inner padding is lined with Eco Pure material, with helps fight bacteria from sweat. The Padding is softer and deeper, with Adjustments to thickness possible around the temples. Ear pockets can also have 5mm peeled away for use with communication speakers.

New IC Duct 5 – 11% more airflow is possible through the top front vent, and a bigger switch makes operating easier.

Improved Airflow from Eyeport vents allow better venting and reduce noise.

Improved chin curtain blocks turbulent air to reduce wind noise, while still allowing the front chin vent to operate efficiently.