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Arai Vector 2 Helmet – Australian Flag

Built on the popular Vector helmet, the Vector 2 retains the best features and adds many more!

New to the vector 2 is a fully removable inner padding set that has peel-off padding for a more exacting fit. 5mm can be removed from each cheek pad, as well as over each temple.

  • The Vector 2 has the broader eye-port of the Corsair V and RX-Q helmets, and now uses the same visors as these helmets.
  • Larger venting ports at the chin, forehead and rear extraction ports mean greater airflow.
  • New Hyper-ridge design adds strength to the lightweight helmet, while keeping weight low.
  • Complex laminate fibre construction, hand finished in Japan
  • Arai’s Intermediate shell shape can be transformed to its classic Round Oval shell shape by removing the peel off paddings in certain areas
  • Visor with brow vents aid anti-fogging, with lockable tab
  • Solid colours have colour-coded vents and side pods, graphics have smoked vents and colour coded side pods.