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Bridgestone Battlax RS10-R Track Day Tyres

Only the highest technology honed in the world’s most demanding races is used in the creation of the Battlax RS10-R Tyres.

RS10 TYRE-R maintains the aggressive RS10 tread pattern while adopting a “GP-BELT” construction for the rear tire that draws directly on our experiences in the world’s most demanding motorcycle races.

This improves sports riding performance still further, offering not only better grip, cornering performance and high-speed stability, but also giving an overwhelming feel of acceleration when driving out of corners. Delivers the high-level racetrack riding to be expected from the Type-R logo.


  • 5 compound areas – Centre, Shoulder and edge improve grip and strength in cornering and straights.
  • GP Belt inner for wide contact patch support
  • Cap and Base construction offers optimum grip and support from the surface of the tread to the base.
  • High Tensile Cord allows consistent temperature dissipation.

Recommended for:

  • Riders who mainly enjoy riding at the track.
  • Riders who wish to improve their existing lap record.
  • Riders who can properly adjust the vehicle setting and temperature/air pressure of the tire.