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Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Sports Tyres

Dunlop SPORTMAX Q3 Tyres

Hyper-sport Track-day Tyre


CFT- Carbon Fibre Technology Reinforced Sidewalls
MT-Multi Tread Technology Rear tyre multiple compounds
IRP- Intuitive Response Profile Rear tyre for more accurate feel and cornering

The all-new Dunlop Sportmax Q3, the next-generation sport tire featuring Dunlop’s new Carbon Fibre Technology(CFT).

  • Dunlop’s Carbon Fibre Technology for:- exceptional performance, cornering and feel.
  • MT Multi-Tread™ technology in the rear tire uses a tough, long-wearing compound in the centre of the tread for excellent traction and longer tread life, plus special lateral grip compounds for outstanding grip.
  • Intuitive Response Profile™ technology in the rear tire allows greater latitude in line choice while cornering, plus amazingly linear steering.
  • New rubber compounds derived from road racing tyres to deliver the maximum grip for todays superbikes.
  • Aggressive new Q3 tread pattern uses fewer grooves that are longer in length to enhance wet-weather performance.
  • The Dunlop Sportmax Q3 offers superb grip, stability steering and longevity on the street and the track.