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Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Road Sports Tyres

Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Road Sports Tyres.

Dunlop’s new technologically advanced tyre for sport bikes takes sports tyres to a higher dimension delivering superior handling, optimised wet and dry grip, durability, comfort and high speed stability.

  • Grip is enhanced by using Multi-Tread technology on the rear tyre with a specific shoulder compound for better cornering in wet and dry conditions
  • Reverse direction centre tyre pattern on the front enhances water drainage for further improved wet performance
  • Improved handling achieved by the use of new front tyre shape and construction delivering faster turn-in, accurate line holding and braking stability in corners
  • High comfort due to use of JLB and JLT technologies, means fewer components, a new tyre shape and lighter tyres


MT Multi-Tread Technology

Dunlops latest innovation. Years of success in global Superbike & Endurance racing have resulted in the development of a pioneering multi compound, which is transferred to many of our Sportmax street & track products. The central traction compound contacts the road when the motorcycle is upright. It uses a tougher cooler running compound that maintains straight-line stability, traction, braking and most importantly longer tread life. The lateral compound that contacts the road when the motorcycle is leaning over incorporates a rubber compound specifically developed to enhance grip at maximum lean angles

JLB Jointless Belt Construction

Using cord density engineering technologies to deliver more linear steering properties, improved rider feedback, and top class high-speed stability. Additional benefits
include more subtle shock absorption for enhanced riding comfort on longer rides

JLT Jointless Tread Technology

Also called strip-winding technology, allows multiple compounds to be precisely positioned on the tyre being striped on in a single tread wire, to achieve:

  • Minimised force variation within the tyre
  • Improved durability
  • Progressive grip from the tread centre to shoulder
  • Less heat build up
  • High-speed tyre stability