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Michelin Ultra Heavy Duty 4mm Enduro Tubes

Michelin Enduro / Motocross Motorcycle tyre inner tubes


To suit

Motocross / Endurance and Adventure bikes with tyre size:

  • Front 90 / 90 – 21″ and 80 / 100-21″
  • 18″ Rear 100 / 100 – 18″ to 140 / 80-18 “
  • 19″ Rear  110/90-19 to 130/70-19″

Serious enduro riders ask us for these by name.

Take Michelin’s experience and technology, add the mega-thick 4mm size…

These Michelin ULTRA heavy are the ULTIMATE in resisting punctures and pinching.

Made from pure butyl rubber 100%, to keep the air in. That’s why they’re called AIRSTOP.

Made in a circular mold, not made from flat sections joined together.

Don’t be stranded.

Don’t spend the same on 2 cheap tubes that will fail.

Get ONE that will last!