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Shock Doctor Eject MX Helmet Removal System

The Eject Helmet removal system is one of the biggest safety advances to come to MX racing in recent years.

Consisting of an inflatable pouch that sits below the helmet lining, with a tube coming to the bottom of the helmet, the Eject can be inflated to remove a crashed riders helmet with minimal to no pressure on the spine.

(Track officials have the inflation equipment – you only require the helmet portion)

Now required by MA for all MX Nationals AND support races that run alongside them. This includes C and B grade cups, under 19’s, woman’s and veterans races when supporting a national event (clause 8.1)

The Eject system can be used in almost any helmet, but works best in helmets with quick removal cheek pads.

Check out the Bell Moto 9 helmet – it has been designed from the ground up to use the Eject system, and includes a small pocket in the EPS liner that can house it.